We are Maunder’s School of Popular Music and this is our story

Maunder’s is a Manchester-based music school founded by Neil Maunder. Neil has worked in the music industry for many years both performing and teaching but he felt that more could be done in the city of Manchester in terms of local music school projects. After much deliberation, Maunder’s School of Popular Music was born in 2008 and the rest, as they say, is history.

By bringing in all the benefits of home tuition together with music workshops and music industry access and experience, Neil was able to create a place where people could learn an instrument, play in bands and perform. This is all while boosting students’ confidence and providing the right balance between learning and having fun.

Maunder’s began in community centres but quickly expanded into three separate micro schools running on different nights in Manchester. By the time 2010 came around, each of the small schools had grown from 4 to 5 students to an astonishing 25 to 30 students per night!

Neil was so amazed that Maunder’s had received such an overwhelming response that he moved the school to its current location. It now has over 250 lesson students and dozens more attending workshops and masterclasses lead by some of the most inspirational people in music.

Being a part of Maunder’s School of Popular Music means you are part of a community. We take great pride in striving to make our school the best environment for people to learn in, so no matter what your age or ability is, come and learn a new instrument, a new skill and take a chance to socialise with the Maunder’s team. Everybody is welcome!