Cancellation and Refunds Policy at Maunder’s School Of Popular Music

 Maunder’s School Of Popular Music runs a strict 24 hours cancellation policy. 24 hours notice must be given prior to the lesson start-time of your scheduled lesson to avoid a full cancellation charge.  Late cancellations will incur a full charge, unfortunately, regardless of circumstances. Lessons can be cancelled or rearranged without charge if more than 24 hours notice is given to the tutor prior to the start of the lesson time. Tutors must be contacted by phone or text more than 24 hours before the lesson time to be considered.  There are no exceptions to this rule. Family emergency’s will not be taken into account. 

The learner will be unable to book any future lessons until payment has been made of any cancelled lessons that are under the 24 hours minimum.

By booking a lesson with Maunder’s School Of Popular Music you are reserving a slot with yourself and the teacher for an agreed time and day. Giving notice of any cancellation gives the teacher time to refill the slot and not suffer a loss of earnings due to a late cancellation. Cancellations over 24 hours must be made via text to the tutor or by calling and speaking to the teacher or someone at the school. We cannot accept messages via Facebook or instragam as an official notification of a cancellation.


Verbal notice given to the tutor will not be acted upon and is not considered sufficient unless confirmed in writing to Maunder’s School Of Popular Music main office by the pupil or via text message or phone call. 


No refund or credit will be given for any cancellations part way through a fixed length programme (EG if you have completed 7 weeks of 10 of a completed lesson block, the remaining 7 weeks cannot be refunded back to the student)


If, in exceptional circumstances, Maunder’s School Of Popular Music has to cancel the pupil’s lesson due to damage of [school name] property or harassment of Maunder’s School Of Popular Music staff by the pupil, this may be done with no notice and no credit or refund for any outstanding lessons.

Refund Policy

Block bookings are none refundable and cannot be refunded under and circumstances, fully or partially once a block of lessons have been started. By purchasing the lessons on the block booking rate you are agreeing to this policy and are not eligible for any refund.