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Access to scales sheets and resources of all kinds for guitarists


The Guitar Scales Portal contains lots of resources for learning guitar scales. Get instant access to scale crib sheets. Find the modes of the Major and natural Minor scale, Melodic minor and its modes, Blues scales (both with the flat 5 and with the Major 3rd), Pentatonic scales in all positions, world scales and more. You will also find useful chords charts, links and many more resources that will be helpful for jamming and developing improvisation.

We will be adding new resources every month to give you a treasure trove of material to practice and develop your guitar playing with.

Booklets Already Uploaded in the Guitar Scales Portal

  • Beginner Book and Songs

Scales Booked Already uploaded

  • Scales For Lead Guitar
  • Blues Scales Book 1 (All 5 shapes with the flat 5)
  • Blues Scales Book 2 (All 5 shapes with the major 3rd)
  • The Gypsy Scale Booklet

We also post regular content that will support the material in this course on our Youtube channel