Song Writing and Composition Lessons

We offer 121 songwriting and composition lessons for all ages and abilities. The goal of the lessons if to give you basic tools you can use to develop your songwriting abilities. The results will be better if you have at least a very basic knowledge of either guitar or piano.

Our goal with our songwriting lessons is to provide a solid foundation of compositional tools and theory. At the same time it’s important to give you assistance in creative ideas as well as making the sessions productive and enjoyable.

Things we can cover in our songwriting sessions

*Basics of song structure

*Basic chord theory (Diatonic chords)

*Lyric ideas and arranging lyrics into structured songs

*Song Dynamics

*Instrumentation of songs/Ideas for arranging songs


*Key changes and modes 

Song Writing and Compositoon Teachers

Neil Maunder set up Maunder’s School Of Music in 2008. Since then, it has grown at a exceptional rate. Maunder’s has quickly moved from community centre’s to buildings of increasing size. It settled upon it’s current location in 2011.

Neil’s experience in live music spans across a wide range of platforms from 1998 to present. He has played for tribute shows and numerous professional bands currently playing with Manchester grunge/rock band, That’s My Eye. He wrote most of the songs for the successful 90’s soul album ‘Musical Colour’ with the band Medusa.


His students include Martin Finnigan (The Rainband), Dave Johnson (Session bassist for The Sugababes along with many other pop acts) and many other music industry professionals. He also has a wide range of beginner’s to advanced students from all walks of life.

Neil is excellent with both beginner and intermediate levels for all styles and with advanced students for his specialist styles; besides this, Neil has had a loyal client base for many years. He teaches advanced students in Grunge, Rock, Punk, Pop Punk and Alternative Rock.

Edy (Piano/Vocals/songwriting and composition)

Edy was born in South Korea who is Singer-songwriter, Pianist, music producer and educator. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in popular music at University in Korea as a Valedictorian. He passed the master’s degree in Music and Management with merit at the university of Leeds.

Edy has been a singer-songwriter for more than a decade and has performed on stage for countless time, while writing nearly 100 own composed songs. His music has always been with the piano, and he is an expert in playing contemporary music such as pop, blues, R&B, soul and jazz at high levels.

He also developed his career by promoting live performances in Leeds, discovering numerous talented artists, playing the piano on the stage for them, producing, and expanding his musical knowledge.

Edye enjoys sharing his musical skills and sensations he’s built up so far to foster students and is more passionate than anyone else to complete a new career as an educator.



Prima (Vocals/Piano/songwriting and composition)

I have a wealth of teaching experience from my 10 years freelance work. I believe my teaching style provides confidence in children and adults of all ages. My passion for teaching comes from the enjoyment I see in the students and their enthusiasm for the subject. Whether singing or piano that they gain after just a few lessons. As a Grade 8 pianist and singer, I’ve used my classical knowledge as a foundation upon which to build my career as an R&B artist.

Teaching songwriting is a passion of mine and allows the students to improve their own creative process and gain a new love for music. Songwriting also acts as a great medium to explore their feelings and emotions. 

Perspective on Learning

I aim to bring a fresh new perspective to learning, performing and writing as well as being a valued addition to Maunders School of Music. For those keen to take their music career further and step into the music industry, I also have a deep understanding of how it works through my many years experience as a professional touring musician, artist and songwriter. I have appeared in many TV syncs and regular plays on Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Here is my latest press release:

Fresh from a huge advert deal with global clothing giant “Pretty Little Thing” Manchester’s queen of R&B Prima is back with her latest single “Know About Me”. 

Drenched in nostalgia “Know About Me” has a strong 90’s R&B influence. It’s familiar yet fresh tipping it’s hat to the likes of Aaliyah & Timberland, SWV, Destiny’s Child & well… you know the rest! 


The song begins with a dreamy and laid back vibe lulling you into a false sense of security before the drums kick in and knock you off balance. Skippy and frantic but cool and composed the groove is instantly recognisable and makes you feel like you’ve been here before. Co-written and produced by long time collaborator JSD you can really hear the two shining through on this record.