Bryan Prestbury

Enjoying Band Workshops

This year I have started the 1 ½ hr. Band Workshops and did my first live performance in April 2014 with a band where I played guitar on 7 songs and we are now working to a performance in September and have 6 songs to play.

Playing with others really helps build confidence and improves timing but most of all is very enjoyable experience when it starts to come together. All the Music Teachers and students I have met and worked with during band workshop have been very dedicated, always friendly and make you feel accepted.

So if you a serious about learning to play with others in a band then this is a great place to learn.

Peter Allonby

Satisfied pupil

Having played Brass all my working life I came to the piano late in life (OK – at 61!). I’ve been coming to Neil’s Music School for more than three year and have loved every minute.

I’ve had great teachers though Bruce Jefferies is the best. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our weekly lessons, especially the theory which, being self-taught previously, I’d never learned.

I’m playing at what I consider a high level now, thanks to the tuition I’ve received. I can’t recommend Maunder’s School of Music highly enough.

Bryan Prestbury

Satisfied Student

I have now been taking 1 hr. guitar lessons with Neil for over 3 years and he has consistently been a great teacher to learn from. He has a lot of patience, always keeping calm whilst with you come to grips with new technique.

It?s great that we learn to play rhythm, finger style and leads to so many of my favourite songs and Neil is always introducing me to new music that helps improve or introduce new technique that I now enjoy listening to.

Martin Finnigan - The Rainband


Before I met Neil, I could only ever write music with guitarists and additional musicians as I couldn’t play myself, I could only sing. I never have had a desire to be next Jimi Hendrix but I had music in my head that I couldn’t translate as I didn’t play and therefore writing with other people always meant compromise.

When I met Neil & he started to teach me the guitar, it opened up a whole new world. His technique training was invaluable but also the music he taught me with, was music that I loved…..not “songs I’d never heard of”. It made me want to play.

Now, in the last 18months, my band has toured Europe and the UK with the likes of The Kaiser Chiefs, Simple Minds and Ocean Colour Scene – some of the songs we play would never have happened without Neil’s tuition for which I not only recommend but am eternally grateful for.

Proud Parent

Thanks to all

My son has been taking lessons with Neil for the last 3 years – its not just music he learns here (which is excellent) its also the friends and social network around the school.

The concerts they host are amazing and the work the school put in is above and beyond – kind thanks to all who work hard here, and good luck for the Christmas show!

Sarah Hopper

Very good value

My daughter Molly started singing lessons at the Newton heath school about 3 months ago and I am really happy and proud of how well she has done. When she asked me for singing lessons I looked around a lot for a good teacher.

The great thing about the school is the professionalism of the staff and the friendly environment which is great for my daughter. She really enjoys her lessons with Dawn and she is always very encouraging and knows what to do to improve her voice so that I can hear improvements every week.

I would recommend the school highly. Very good value.

James Griffiths

Simply put it's a great place to learn

Simply put it’s a great place to learn. I’m not a confident or even decent musician but the instruction at Maunders has really made a huge difference and enabled me to play the best I’m able, to appreciate and enjoy music and feel part of a supportive music school. A heartfelt recommendation for anyone who wants to.

Martin Read

I would highly recommend the well thought-out scheme of instruction combined with performance and band participation

Both of my daughters have enjoyed being taught at Maunders. They have received great one-to-one tuition on several instruments, and benefited hugely from the band workshops. The access to public performance that Maunders allows, within a very friendly and supportive atmosphere, has done wonders for the confidence of the girls. I would highly recommend the well thought-out scheme of instruction combined with performance and band participation. They are a wonderful team at Maunders.

Laura Read

Couldn't recommend it highly enough

I’ve been learning drums and going to workshops at Maunder’s for two and a half years and will be very sorry to leave when I move in a few months. The teachers are all friendly and easy to get on with, and there is room for everyone’s tastes to get a look in in the workshops, where you also get the opportunity to play live gigs. I’ve never felt rushed or looked down on for not being able to play something or taking time to learn – there’s a general supportive and easy going atmosphere. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Josh Lund

It gave me the best skills I have and it's changed my future

Maunders is a heart filled music school. It gave me the best skills I have and it’s changed my future. It’s an amazing place to start and continue, the hospitality and teaching will stay with you for life and you’ll never find anywhere as relaxed and welcoming. Truly my favourite place to be. Maunders school is home.

Kevin Murphy

I wholeheartedly recommend him and his School of Music to any aspiring musician

I had been singing Elvis songs and doing gigs for several years when I decided I should learn to play the guitar to complete the Elvis look. I bought an Epiphone and and started strumming. I got a few chords from a guitar playing friend and learned a few 12 bar rock and roll songs like Blue Suede Shoes, All Shook Up, Shake Rattle and Roll etc. I realized I needed lessons to bring my playing up to performance standard so googled guitar teachers in the Urmston when up came Neil Maunder`s name. I had been Neil`s teacher when he was at Wellacre and he began teaching me the guitar which was a nice turn of events. Neil quickly realized what I was after and he began teaching me exactly what I wanted to learn. I moved on to doing Johnny Cash tunes and we often “jammed” as an integral part of the lessons. I really started playing the guitar to have a “prop” to sing and dance with but soon became very interested in learning to play properly. I moved on to other artist as well e.g. Janis Joplin, Leadbelly, Eddie Cochrane, Gene Vincent and Neil encouraged me all the way. Thanks to Neil I now play guitar as part of my act. Neil has the ability to cater to his student`s individual needs and I wholeheartedly recommend him and his School of Music to any aspiring musician. K.J.Murphy D.A. (Edin.) A.T.D. Ex Head of Art and Design, Wellacre Academy.

Dave Kempster

I can't thank Neil enough for inspiring me to start playing again

Maunders School of Popular Music helped me get back on track with guitar playing after many years of mediocre practice. I spoke to Neil and he quickly put a plan together on how to get me back to the level I was at, while tailoring the songs and techniques to my preferred style of music. After a few lessons I felt more confident with my improvisation, technique practice and my overall speed around the neck. I can’t thank Neil enough for inspiring me to start playing again and tailoring the lessons to a style I like!


Turza Moni (Online student from Bangladesh)

I didn’t imagine that I would have such great classes online The classes are taken by great and experienced teachers

Hello everyone , I’m Sky and I’m 13 years old. I’ve been taking online singing classes at this amazing school. .They gives me exercises and that helps me a lot to improve my singing skills. If you want to take such wonderful classes you just have to Go to the school website and book classes . I can assure you that they will help you




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